Branding Masterclass Part 2
Taking Action
30th May 2022
7.30pm - 9.30pm AEST

Masterclass full - We will run it again


Business Masterclass Series

We know there is a mental health crisis right across Australia, some professionals say even across the world. This means there are many clients and patients seeking out  a practitioner.

However….. there are also many mental health practitioners. Clients are able to choose who they wish to see, who they decide to trust with helping them solve their issue and with whom they are going to spend their own hard earned money.

We know as we juggle our client load that the demands of our practice often get little or none of our attention.  The Business Masterclass Series will give you the skills, templates, ideas, and encouragement to give your clinic the right attention at the right time so it continues to help you to achieve your aspiration.


Branding often gets overlooked , or put into the “do it later” basket, when practitioners start their practice or clinic. It seems to develop a life of its own and after a period of time it gets forgotten.

Did you know the image you present of your practice in the market has a a DIRECT impact on the kinds of clients you attract,  the number of clients you attract, the willingness of referral sources to refer their clients to you and ultimately what you clients think or expect of you.

Branding Masterclass Series

Your Branding Presenter

Billie McNeill is the founder of Belcreate, a marketing and design agency which helps small-business owners develop and use their brand for success. With 9+ years experience in design and branding she started Belcreate as an outlet to help others and  fulfil her own creative passion.

How are you  helping your clients to choose you from everyone else?

Do you advertise, give community donations, post blogs on your website and network more often than you want to? And still you are not getting the results you want.

4 out 5  health care practitioners are all doing the same things.  How do you help potential clients and referrers  choose you, rather than other providers?

Masterclass – First Session

Billie will unpack what branding really is and what about it is so important. She will help you analyse your brand and what it truly means.

  • Discover the benefits you are missing out on with your current Brand
  • Review – or  Create –  your Brand to stand out amongst your competitors
  • Learn about what makes a standout health brand

Masterclass – Second Session

Billie will get into some actions you can take to elevate your brand and be seen.

    • You must have completed Session 1 to attend Session 2
    • Discover what actions you can take to highlight your Brand
    • Learn what NOT TO DO when sharing your Brand

Masterclass Details

Masterclass 1 & 2 Details


  • Date Masterclass 1     – completed
  • Date Masterclass 2    30 May 2022
  • Time:   7.30pm – 9.30pm  AEST
  • Doors open at 7:00pm for networking and chatting




Both Masterclass booked together,ie Session 1 AND 2 booked now

  • ISPA members:   $75.00
  • ISPA Guests (non members) : $90

Per Masterclass  ie session 1  or 2

  • ISPA members:   $40.00
  • ISPA Guests (non members) : $49.00

Delivery:  Live Interactive Broadcast

  • Earn 2  Continuing Professional Development points per Masterclass.
  • Work ON your practice from the comfort of your home.