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Why choose a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

1. What is a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

The College of Clinical Hypnotherapists includes a range of different Hypnotherapy approaches, everything from traditional and authoritarian Hypnosis, right through to Ericksonian hypnosis. Only hypnotherapists who are eligible for the HCA (Hypnotherapy Council of Australia) National Register, are eligible for membership to this particular college. Each one of these practitioners is then trained in the basics of Strategic Psychotherapy in order to be included in ISPA.

This does not make them Strategic Hypnotherapists which currently requires a full Nationally Accredited Diploma, and they cannot be included in the College of Strategic Hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapy is arguable one of the most effective therapeutic tools we have, and all members of the College of Clinical Hypnotherapists are qualified to use hypnosis as part of their therapeutic treatment plan.


2. Why would you want to engage a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Most Clinical Hypnotherapists apply brief therapy. In most cases, you would not be expected to see a Clinical Hypnotherapist more than four to six times for anxiety, addictions, phobias, mild depressions or behavioural change.

Hypnosis allows the therapist to speak to the unconscious part of you that is running the issue. I am sure you have had the experience of knowing, at least intellectually what you need to do, but not be able to do it. Using hypnosis we can address the issue where it exists – in the unconscious process.


3. What conditions can Clinical Hypnotherapists address and what can I expect to pay?

People come to hypnotherapy for a range of different conditions. Obviously anything anxiety-related is an easy fit, as well as things like sleep disturbances and habit control. Some Clinical Hypnotherapists concentrate on one particular issue. Weight Loss or Smoking Cessation are common focal points for Clinical Hypnotherapists.

The hourly rate for therapy varies enormously depending on your location, and the therapist’s individual fees. Some therapists will charge $150-$200 per hour, while other more experienced therapists are closer to $250 per hour.

Clinical Hypnotherapists typically charge less than Strategic Hypnotherapists.