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Why choose a Strategic NLP Psychotherapist?

1. What is Strategic NLP Psychotherapy?

NLP, otherwise known as Neuro-linguistic Programming is a well-established modality known for its rapid change techniques. The underpinning to the process is that you are in charge of your mind and therefore your results. It was conceived by modelling the most successful people on the planet. In virtually every aspect of life, in every field of endeavour, there is a clear distinction between the mindset, belief structure, and strategies of the top 1% of performers, and what the “average” person does. Amazingly, there can even be a significant difference between the top 1% and the top 10%.

As a result, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an obvious fit with coaching, and many NLP Psychotherapists have a preference to work with people where the problem is the obstacle to achievement rather than a deep-seeded memory or a childhood trauma.



2. Why would you want to engage a Strategic NLP Psychotherapist?

An NLP Psychotherapist belonging to the College of NLP Psychotherapists will have either an NLP Practitioner Certification, an NLP Master Practitioner Certification, a full Diploma of NLP and Coaching, A Diploma of NLP, Leadership, and Coaching, or they might have an NLP Trainers qualification.

They will also recognize that one of the most consistent issues people struggle with is the distinction between perception and reality. Most people struggle because the world (and other people) are not as they would like them to be. This leads to stress, anger, and disappointment.

They will also have a toolbox of Rapid Change techniques to help you let go of anything that annoys or frustrates you, and the capacity to show you how you generate problems in your life, and how a shift in perception can make all the difference.

This is a brief therapy, so your commitment in time is likely to be relatively short to address the perennial issues that most people seek treatment for. In the right hands, it is also highly effective as a tool, offering often permanent change for something that seemed quite intractable previously.

The other good news is that an NLP Psychotherapist will not ask for your full life story. They want to know the process by which you get stuck. From an NLP perspective, the problem is the pattern you are running, and there is a set of unconscious steps you take to run that pattern. Once we make the process conscious to you, you are more able to interrupt the dysfunctional pattern and make better choices in the future.


3. What can I expect to pay?

Strategic NLP Psychotherapists vary enormously based on experience and qualifications, but you can generally expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $400 per hour. You should also expect to see an NLP Psychotherapist anywhere between 1-6 times for one presenting condition.