Meet the ISPA Board

The ISPA Board is a team of dedicated people who seek to promote the benefits of Strategic Psychotherapy to the world and provide ISPA members with a uniquely member-centric experience.

Jonathan Smith

ISPA Acting President

Jonathan is currently the principal at New Day Strategic Psychotherapy, after completing a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy as well as becoming a certified NLP practitioner through the Institute of Applied Psychology. He has a genuine, individual based approach with each client and is highly skilled at identifying and correcting limiting behaviours. He is committed to working towards productive outcomes for our members, particularly in promoting ISPA members as the therapists of choice for people looking to deal with the finest professionals in the industry.

Jonathan previously has twenty five years of international business and entrepreneurial experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, during which time he became known for a highly successful, people focussed management style and is recognised as an expert in building and maintaining exceptional company culture that maintains integrity across multiple geographies. This was achieved through a highly focussed and individual based mentoring and upskilling process offered to staff at all levels, an approach he sees as key to the success of any organisation.

During his time in the BPO industry, Jonathan was a pioneer in the outsourcing drive to the Philippines which currently employs over 1.5 million people. He spent eighteen years based in Manila and became labelled by the media as the “godfather of Australian outsourcing”, featuring as the key note speaker at the Asia CEO awards. During this time, he established, grew and then sold multiple companies dealing with clients from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and US and employed over fifteen thousand people along the way.

Jonathan’s most recent role before venturing into clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy was as a shareholder and board member of Synchrony Global, an HRIS provider with offices in Australia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. He was key in the sale of the company to Rizing HCM.

He looks to use his vast business experience combined with his passion for strategic psychotherapy to great benefit for ISPA, it’s membership, and the wider community.

Gordon Young

Vice President of ISPA

Gordon Young is the director and lead trainer of the Institute of Applied Psychology, the president of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, and the creator of the Gordian Pillars of Psychotherapy.

Gordon is an internationally recognized name in the world of NLP and Hypnotherapy. He is considered by many to be Australia’s leading NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist having studied in Australia and in the United States with both the creators of NLP and the leaders in the field of Hypnotherapy. Gordon trained at the prestigious Milton Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona, the absolute pinnacle of training in modern hypnosis.

Gordon is the former President of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Editor of the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, and the Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Moreover, he is not just a therapist. Gordian teaches a unique advanced form of hypnosis known as Strategic Hypnosis, a model that ISPA promotes and supports around the world.
Additionally, Gordon supervises over 120 psychologists, counsellors, and hypnotherapists, guiding them through difficult cases behind the scenes.

Coralee Rooney

ISPA Treasurer

"Coralee Rooney is the founder and principal therapist of Modern Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Solutions Pty Ltd (location Canberra), after completing the Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy.

Coralee holds seventeen years of financial management experience from her former career to bring to her appointed role as Treasurer for the ISPA Board. Coralee is a qualified Accountant professional, specialising in Australian State and Federal government accounting and budget management functions. She still continues to provide financial consultation within the Government on specialist appointments.

Coralee is committed to serving ISPA with a strong focus on outcomes for members, stakeholders and the public interest. She is particularly focused on financial integrity and strategic management and has considerable expertise in corporate governance, finance, audit, risk and compliance."

Lauren Heaydon

ISPA Membership

Lauren Heaydon draws on a diverse educational and professional background to help members become the best therapist they can be while finding balance and fulfillment in their personal and professional development and family life.

Lauren has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy as well as Masters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Certificate of Strategic Coaching from the Institute of Applied Psychology. She is working towards a Diploma of Counselling from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. A Bachelor of Education from University of Sydney. And a self-taught NDIS expert.

Lauren has experience providing coaching and therapy to individuals, families, corporate workplaces and educational settings. Experience teaching, tutoring, and mentoring children and young people with disabilities; including supporting students in mainstream schools and NDIS participants. This also includes supporting their families or caregivers.

Lauren is compassionate, understanding and accommodating when working one-on-one or in groups to assist participants achieve professional milestones and personal goals.

Lauren is a competent course designer, program coordinator, and business coach for the private and public sectors where she provides support and coaching to business owners and senior management on strategies and practices designed to improve business performance and develop and grow team members.

She’s a business owner of Lauren Heaydon Coaching, Mentor You, and Educate Your Child. And last but not least, a wife, Stepmother and Mother.

As an entrepreneur, therapist, educator, coach, wife, mum and stepmum Lauren is passionate about helping members set goals, achieve important personal and professional outcomes, maintain balance in their lives, and uncover their full potential.

Mia Dalessandro

ISPA Board Member

Mia is the owner of the Road Hypnotherapy and Health Services. Her philosophy is to create an environment where various approaches can collaborate to help client's manage their problem space.

Mia's background is in financial services. Rather than look at traditional avenues to improve as a manager, she turned to strategic psychotherapy - and a whole new language and approach opened up. In her management role, she learned the importance good strategies and processes play in achieving success - and the same approach can be applied to life, so clients can strive and thrive.

She holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy, Certified NLP Coaching and Gut Directed Hypnosis Certification

Kerry Bailey

ISPA Co-Secretary

Kerry Bailey founder and principal therapist of Sydney Hypno & The Functional Mind Coaching Clinic has a broad range of experience and skills acquired over decades spent in many caring and business fields.

This wide platform of expertise is what Kerry brings to her work as a dedicated, caring and results oriented therapist and coach for her clients, and to her role as a qualified trainer.
Kerry has spent decades serving in both business and people management, including as a General Manager for several successful start-up companies and had also worked in small business practices, right through to corporate roles also including, Sales and Marketing management, Business and IT Solutions Analysis, Project Management plus several of her own continuing, successful businesses created over the last 14 plus years.

Kerry brings this knowledge and skillsets from across many fields into her role as a therapist, navigating new and powerful solution-based processes and patterns for positive, long lasting change for clients who seek assistance with their issues, helping clients to get unstuck and stop struggling.

The probability of positive change is significantly greater when you get a coach &/or therapist who can help you hone and enhance your mental, emotional and physical processes. High achievers know to engage coaches for far better outcomes.

Kerry has been an active practitioner and master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for over 25 years and has trained at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) in Strategic Hypnosis with the creator of the Gordian Pillars of Psychotherapy - Gordon Young who is an internationally recognized name in the world of NLP and Hypnotherapy along with other luminaries in their fields such as Michael Yapko and Steven Gilligan as continued professional development training is a focused pursuit for Kerry.

Kerry understands the stresses of modern life, and how to help people stop struggling and start enjoying life more. Through the therapeutic process of guiding clients to more skilfully utilise better strategies and processes that will serve them better, clients soon understand how to improve thoughts, communication and even play, for better outcomes in all aspects of their lives.

Kerry is passionate about the work that she does and loves helping people to transform their relationships, their work, and their performance, in fact, improve everything for the better.
Kerry’s Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy practice is available through online telehealth apps, (sessions Australia Wide and Internationally).

When logistics and conditions are appropriate – there are also client rooms in Sydney’s Inner West, and some sessions can be arranged both ‘In Home’ or ‘In Office’ environments, due to the fact that Kerry works with individuals, couples, families and business clients and their teams to assist with relational dynamics that can improve communications and performance.

Kerry Bailey has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy 10450NAT, a Diploma of NLP Leadership and Strategic Coaching, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment amongst other qualifications and was invited to join the faculty of IAP - the Institute of Applied Psychology in 2020

Stef Mustac

ISPA Board Member

Transitioning from the precise world of Aeronautical Engineering with the Air Force, Stefanie Mustac embarked on a profound journey that led her to discover a different calling rooted in understanding the complexities of human emotions and behaviors. With a steadfast commitment to growth and self-discovery, Stefanie has dedicated the past 17 years of her life to delving deep into the intricacies of the human psyche.

As a Strategic Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist at Gold Coast Strategic Psychotherapist, Stefanie has had the privilege of immersing herself in various modalities, continuously expanding her knowledge and honing her skills in helping individuals navigate the depths of their own minds. Her work encompasses a holistic approach that integrates therapeutic techniques with a deep understanding of human behavior and the subconscious mind.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Stefanie is also a mother to two incredible boys, whose presence in her life has provided her with invaluable lessons in patience, resilience, and unconditional love. Balancing the demands of motherhood with the challenges of running her fourth business has been a transformative experience, further deepening her understanding of the human experience and the importance of self-care and self-love.

In addition to her clinical practice, Stefanie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with others. She regularly speaks about Authentic Self Leadership in front of groups of entrepreneurs, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through her speaking engagements, she strives to inspire individuals to tap into their inner strengths and embrace their authentic selves, both personally and professionally.

Deb Agnew

ISPA Board Member

Deb Agnew is an Anxiety Specialist and the owner of Better Anxiety Help, specialising in the treatment of anxiety for children, teens, parents and anxious families.

In addition to her private practice, Deb leads Brand and Marketing Communications for the Black Dog Institute, a world-leading mental health research organisation and medical research institute, promoting the prevention, management and treatment of anxiety and depression, particularly in young people.

Deb is committed to serving ISPA and helping to transform and rebrand hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the hearts and minds of the general population and sector. Deb is passionate about creating impact and influence and developing real value for our members that propels their businesses forwards and fosters enhanced mental health outcomes for the audiences and clients they serve.

Deb has extensive marketing expertise and a 30-year track record growing awareness, reach, impact and brand equity for local, national and international causes, charitable organisation and service organisations. She has managed high impact cause marketing, behaviour change and communications campaigns for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, VISA International, Price Waterhouse, ACCOR Hotels, Sempra Energy and the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA).

Deb’s a qualified and licensed solution-focussed Strategic Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and is presently completing her Diploma in Counselling. Deb has a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Canada’s esteemed McGill University, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing.

Deb’s also the mother of two teenage boys. She knows what it feels like to have a child who is paralysed with fear and worry. But she also knows how it feels when things get better and what needs to change to get there.

Tahn Miller

ISPA Board Member

Tahn Miller is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Strategic Psychotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner.

Working with her clients, Tahn utilises the benefits of hypnosis and neuro linguistic techniques to achieve life changing outcomes – from limiting beliefs to patterns of behaviour that may be causing tremendous blockages in their lives.

Tahn helps her clients realise they are not their thoughts, beliefs or feelings, that they don’t need to stay stuck – they have the capacity to change anything in their lives that is preventing them from living their greatest life.

Meet Our Advisory Board

The ISPA Advisory Board brings together over 150 years of experience in business and therapy. The Advisory Board supports the elected board by bringing this vast depth of experience to the table.

Peter Macquire

ISPA Advisory Board Member - Business

Peter McGuire is Chief Executive Officer of XM Australia and is a responsible manager on the firm’s Australian Financial Services License. He comes to XM with over 20 years’ experience from the financial services industry and real estate market. Peter is responsible for representing XM as a regular commentator on some of the world’s leading media including Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky TV on a weekly basis where he connects via Sydney, where he resides.

Peter graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology Sydney. He holds a Graduate Certificate of Commerce / Risk Management from the University of New South Wales and also is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Peter is a proven communicator, conference and media presenter for the financial services industry and has presented over the years to audiences in Manila, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

With global markets operating 24 hours a day, Peter can work across numerous time zones due to Australia’s geographic location and the Asia - Pacific business day.

Mike Conway

ISPA Advisory Board Member - Coaching

Mike is the Founder and CEO of XVenture, a unique learning, leadership and media group. TV
Director, writer, business leader, clinician and mental coach to elite sports stars, senior executives
and entertainers.
Mike is also currently the Emotional Agility and Mind Coach for the Australian National Soccer team,
(the Socceroos) and Technical Director for the Tottenham Hotspur/UOW Global football program.
He has been appointed honorary professor at University of Wollongong in recognition of his work in
the areas of emotional agility, resilience and leadership. His latest research relates to
communications and language in elite sport.
He was the Emotional Agility, Resilience and Mind Coach for the championship winning Sydney FC Aleague
team from 2017-2019. This work translated into working with many of Australia’s national
team players individually including EPL goalkeeper Mathew Ryan, Trent Sainsbury, Awer Mabil, Matt
Jurman and Matilda, Amy Harrison.
He has written and directed three tv series, now on to his 4th and numerous documentaries.
Prior to establishing XVenture, Mike’s global career has seen him work as a strategist, leader and
consultant at executive level with Deloitte, EY, Standards Australia, The Wiggles Pty Ltd and holding
Board positions Central Coast Mariners and Australian Children’s Music Foundation.
Mike’s qualifications include: BA Hons Pub Admin (health) (UK) Diploma in Health Services
Management (UK). MBA (UK) Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. Certified
Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. CBT Beck Inst USA. His health and clinical
memberships include: Member of the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine;
Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association; Member of Institute of Positive Psychology
Association; Member of Australasian Neuroscience Society. He is also a member of the International Society for Psychotherapy Research.

Amanda Dounis

ISPA Advisory Board Member - Building Practice

Amanda Dounis is the Director and Founder of four Early Learning Education Centres
located in Sydney. She is also the Founder of The Positive Thinking Clinic ( Private
Practice: Strategic Psychotherapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy : Master NLP : and Professional
In private practice Amanda consults with individuals, couples and families, offering
services for children, teens, and adults. Amanda is also a professional supervisor, author
and course creator.
Bachelor of Counselling
Bachelor of Science (in Psychology)
Bachelor of Teaching (0-5)
Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy
Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Sally Tiltman

ISPA Advisory Board Member

Sally Tiltman is the Executive Director and Digital Transformation Consultant at Tiltman Coaching.

Sally is recognised as a change leader having led digital transformation across organisations impacting 45,000 employees. Sally is respected for her passionate, curious, and innovative ways of working. Sally is sought after by executive teams who want to partner with a truth talker to achieve digital transformation that takes a people-first approach.

Richard Hill

ISPA Advisory Board Member - Research

Richard Hill, MA, MEd, MBMSc, is a practicing psychotherapist, author, educator, and professional supervisor. He is Science Director for CIPPS in Salerno, Italy; Clinical Science Director and Managing Editor for The Science of Psychotherapy; and resident therapist at The Davis Health Centre in Sydney, Australia. He is co-author with Ernest Rossi, PhD, of The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands (Crown House, 2017), and with Matthew Dahlitz of The Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Psychotherapy (Norton, 2022). He is Patron of The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Past-president of the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS). He is the author of several other books and book chapters. More information can be found at and

Dr William Herfel

Ispa Advisory Board Member - Ethics

Dr Bill Herfel is a philosopher of science and technology interested in the study of complex and chaotic dynamics wherever it is found. He co-edited a book, Theories and Models in Scientific Processes, and he has published articles on a wide range of topics including the dynamics of the scientific process, the role economic dynamics in technological development, complex systems ecology, academic integrity, and the complex dynamic foundations of Chinese medicine.

Currently, he coordinates a critical thinking course playing a foundational role in the biomedical sciences major at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has lectured extensively in Asia, Europe and North America. He coordinated a course in the PSB engineering program in Singapore and delivered more than two dozen lectures in universities, hospitals and research institutes in China, whilst maintaining a close research relationship with several Chinese research institutions, including the prestigious China Academy for Chinese Medical Science in Beijing.

He has supervised postgraduate students at PhD and Honours levels. He has taught across a wide range of the philosophy curriculum, including the philosophy of science and technology, social dynamics of science, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of sex and sexuality, engineering ethics, social work ethics, business ethics, Chinese philosophy and the philosophies of Marx, Nietzsche and Foucault.

He believes that the IAP is at the leading edge of personal development and the approach to applied psychology pursued under the leadership of Gordon Young at the IAP will be the next big development, following on from CBT and ACT, in fostering mental health in the community. This made the offer to join the faculty very appealing, and Bill is currently developing courses and pursuing research for the IAP.

Meet Our International and State Chapter Presidents

ISPA has Chapters around Australia and around the world. Each region has a President and Secretary who arrange local activities and deal with the individual needs of practitioners in that region. Is there one near you?

Joachim Lee

President of ISPA - Singapore Chapter

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Laetitia Planquois

ISPA President - European Chapter

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Liisa Halme

ISPA President - Hong Kong Chapter

Liisa Halme is on a mission to help her clients fast-track their progress and shift from struggles to thriving without wasting time.

Her passion in understanding the mind sparked in the mid 90’s. She learned meditation and yoga in her twenties and has spent over two decades studying the most powerful personal transformation tools in existence. She has worked as a therapist in private practice since early 2000’s, specialising in stress, anxiety, emotional issues and trauma.

Liisa loves the direct, straightforward approach of Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy that cuts through deep seated issues and provides fast results for those in a hurry. She gets the biggest kicks out of helping those who are at their wits end after years of inner work, who still haven’t been able to change how they relate to present day situations – a frustration she knows well from personal experience.

Liisa is originally from Finland and has lived and worked on 5 continents, more recently in Hong Kong. She is the author of A Crash Course in Emotional Freedom and the founder of the Inner Freedom app where she runs her signature program Anxiety Free in 6 Weeks. She works with clients around the world.

Amanda Barber

ISPA President - Victorian Chapter

Amanda Barber is qualified, insured, and appropriately associated counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained to the highest level available in Australia for the safe and effective practice of Hypnotherapy.
10791NAT Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy
10763NAT Certificate IV in Nutritional Counselling
Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Clinical EMDR
Innovations in Trauma Treatment Certification
As Amanda is committed to continuing professional development and is always furthering her education, skills, and training this is a small snap shot of her professional training

Sheb Giner

ISPA President - Queensland Chapter

Sheb is an accredited Exercise Scientist, Nationally Recognised and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist.

Sheb enjoys professional speaking opportunities that teach individuals how to enrich their lives, create a better future and how the mind can be trained for optimal performance and growth. Sheb’s interest is to boost individual morale, increase creativity, teach individuals how to reconnect their mindbody and how to apply coping strategies towards chronic stress.

Sheb has over 15 years experience working with over 1,000's of individual's within the Allied Health Sector as a practitioner for 10 of those years in her own practice and 5 years in Corporate as Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist.

During her journey, Sheb discovered that in order for individuals to create a positive change towards their health and wellbeing, and to improve their quality of life, they must first work on modifying their thoughts and behaviours.

Christine di Bella

ISPA President - NSW Chapter

My name is Christine Di Bella and I am the founder and practitioner of All Essentials Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. A space where people of all genders, ages, and cultures can come and in a safe place unpack whats been happening for them and be healed of their psychological pains, and take back control of their life.

I am a passionate goal-orientated Hypnotherapist; I use Psychotherapy structures to develop a personalised treatment plan and utilise hypnosis to enhance the sessions. These sessions represent a personalised way out of psychological pain, for some in only a few sessions, for others over a few weeks.

I came to this role after 25+ years in the work health and safety industry, where I helped keep people safe at work and return to work after an injury. I spent several years reflecting on how I could do more to improve lives impacted by the hurdles of work and life. So I decided that a change of career, to Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, would be the way.

As someone who personally knows the pain associated with depression, bullying, anxiety, and weight issues, and how these can be resolved through hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy. I feel very strongly about the power of clinical hypnotherapy and the desired goal-orientated outcomes it gives my clients. That is why my passion and work today is focused on this amazing field. I still provide workplace safety, wellbeing, mindfulness, and return to work for businesses

Whether people are triggered by grief or other work or life events, psychological pain such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, procrastination, sleep disorders, anger management, pain management, difficulty quitting smoking, weight management, overindulging in alcohol, focus, phobias, the inability to control your thoughts or other psychologically debilitating issues. They all can be treated, to help people regain control of their own life.

Below qualifications most recently achieved
2020 – Diploma Neurolinguistic Programming – Institute of Applied Psychology
2020 – Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy – Institute of Applied Psychology
2017 – Mindfulness leadership – Internal
2016 – 2◦ Shift – Mindset Safety – Jonah Group
2004 - Graduation Diploma Occupational Health and Safety
2004 - Return to Work

Heidi Modrovich

ISPA President - Tasmanian Chapter

I recently sold my 7 figure business I co-founded with my husband. Back in 2005 when we got married, we realised that despite being highly paid health professionals, we did not earn enough to have our desired lifestyle - dream home, nice cars, luxury holidays... So, we packed up our young lives from cosmopolitan Melbourne and moved to Hobart where we did not know a soul.
Blood, sweat, and tears meant that our business grew quickly. Within a few short years, it had expanded to 7 retail shops across the state. We were making good money. We paid off our first home in less than 3 years, but I was so unhappy.

We had no connections. We had no time to socialise. Every second of every day was about our business. We had to do everything ourselves. We couldn't trust staff to do a good enough job. Pulling 12 hour days also took a toll on our marriage. We started to resent each other. We tried to start a family but the stress resulted in failed IVF and miscarriages. I developed Hashimoto's Disease which soon led to weight gain, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Money does not buy happiness. It was a wake-up call.

We had to change the way we did things. Slaving away in our business was no longer an option. We began progressively to change our business model. Before long, we started to work less and less, but our business continued to grow. Our income doubled. Our team became our family as we embraced a mentoring culture. We were then rewarded with two beautiful little girls and I vowed never to waste time in my business again. I was now working 3 hours per week and earning 6 figures. We went on amazing holidays with our kids. We did only those things we loved. Nowadays, I coach & mentor entrepreneurs by teaching them how to take back control of their business to achieve Time Wealth Mastery.

Amna Ali

ISPA President - Pakistan Chapter

Amna Ali is a registered NLP Master Life Coach, Time Line Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist. She offers a customized approach to each client. Her aim is to empower the client, providing a holistic approach to therapy. Her mission is to motivate each individual to learn the true meaning of empowerment and recognize their true strengths. Amna will help you deal with stress, anxiety fears and phobias as well as assist in eliminating their limiting beliefs. Amna is passionate to help her clients enhance their relationship and communication to live a more fulfilling life so that they may be able to utilize their resources to navigate through the ups and downs of life.