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What Insurance do I need?

When you offer services to members of the general public,  there are risks which both  of you should be aware of.

As the mental health practitioner who is taking fees for delivering a service, you need to make sure you are protected against possibly being misunderstood, misinterpreted, or misheard by your client who is after all in a vulnerable state themselves.

You also face financial risks relating to your clinic or rooms where you work due to fire, flood etc. Naturally you are very careful regarding health and safety in your  work place,  but again there are  always risks of falling or even slipping.

Your clients need to be sure you are in fact qualified to offer your services and that you know what to do to avoid “doing harm”.

These are  a few of the reasons you need to have both Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance  when you practice your craft.


ISPA Approved Brokers

ISPA has negotiated great member rates for all ISPA members.

Please connect with James or Fenton as they are available to help you choose your best form and amount of cover.

Insurance Made Easy

IME has been dealing with risk assessment and support since 1992.

Their insurance scheme has been developed to provide a broad
range of cover and modalities for practitioners at a competitive

They work with you to understand your clinic or practice and then help you to choose what cover or support you need.


IME – ISPA Brochures to give you additional information. Please click to download the pdf document.

!IME ISPA Insurance Brochure


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  • Please contact  IME – James Gillard 
  • Phone:  1800 641 260 or
  • Website

ISPA Approved Brokers


Fenton Green are insurance brokers who offer a wide range of protection and risk services.

Their system is completely online.

You need to:

  1. Go to
  2. Register so you can receive your quote
  3. Remember to use “Allied Health Practitioner” as your  industry
  4. Remember too you need to use International Strategic Psychotherapists Association  so you can access the ISPA rates.
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  • Please contact Fenton Green online
  • Phone:  1800 642 747
  • Website