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The International Strategic Psychotherapists Association (ISPA) is a new professional association established to promote the practice of Strategic Psychotherapy, to support its practitioners and to protect their clients.

Be a Founding Member of ISPA

Based in Australia, ISPA was started by a group of like-minded practitioners who believe that Strategic Psychotherapy needs its own professional association. ISPA will be fully operational in the first half of 2022. There are a limited number of Founding Memberships available for those practitioners,  students and anyone else who is committed to:

  • Supporting the successful launch of the ISPA community.
  • Helping us to shape a brand new association, designed to serve the specific needs of your clients and your practice.
  • Ensuring the continued recognition and growth of our sector.

Benefits of Founding Membership include:

  • ISPA Association Membership until the end of June 2023.
  • An official personalised certificate that you can display in your practice.
  • Ability to display/use the ISPA Founding Member badge in your signage and on your digital channels.
  • Priority access to ISPA services as they come online, such as insurance, supervision, events and training opportunities.

ISPA Founding Membership costs AUD197

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If you don’t wish to become a Founding Member of ISPA right now, you can still keep up to date on the Association by registering your interest.

Questions you may have

What levels of association membership will ISPA have?

In addition to Founding Memberships, in late 2021 / early 2022 ISPA will be launching the a range of membership levels for ISPA, each with its own joining criteria and benefits. These are likely to be:

  • Student
  • Accredited
  • Professional
  • Clinical
  • Registered Clinical
  • Fellow
  • International
  • Affiliate

What will be the benefits of being a member of ISPA?

As an ISPA member you will be part of an exciting, dynamic community committed to working together and growing our sector and, ultimately, your own practice:

  • Support of a Professional Association, tailored to the practice of Strategic Psychotherapy.
  • Code of ethics tailored to the practice of Strategic Psychotherapy.
  • Listing in the International Directory of Strategic Psychotherapists.
  • Support / Information for the general public.
  • Lobbying on your behalf in areas such as government legislation.
  • Inclusion in ISPA-led Private Health Fund negotiations.
  • Continuing professional development.
  • Events and Workshops.
  • Professional supervision.
  • Affordable insurance.

What kind of Continuing Professional Development (CPS) and events does ISPA intend to offer?

ISPA is planning to offer a range of online and in-person events, training and workshops throughout the year. Where appropriate, attendance will be recognised in the allocation of CPD points.

Will I be able to get insurance through ISPA?

ISPA itself will not provide insurance, but we are currently in discussion with leading insurance companies to ensure our members can access affordable insurance for their practice.

What supervision framework does ISPA intend to operate?

ISPA is planning to have its own supervision framework with one-to-one and group supervision available.

In addition, as ISPA is a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA), supervisors with other member associations of the HCA will be recognised by ISPA provided they have a sufficient amount of experience in the strategic psychotherapy space.

Non-ISPA supervisors with other HCA associations need to be approved by the ISPA board.

What is Strategic Psychotherapy?

Strategic Psychotherapy is a highly effective and rapid form of talk therapy where the therapist strategically works with their client to help them recognise how they may be creating their own problems, challenges and limitations because of how they respond to situations and events.

A key part of Strategic Psychotherapy is helping the client to identify experiential gaps and behavioural patterns they are running that may be supporting their issues, and then developing a strategic approach that activates existing strengths and resources within them to overcome these challenges.

Strategic Psychotherapy lays a great foundation for impactful and effective intervention — especially when used in conjunction with other techniques such as Coaching, Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Join today

If you don’t wish to become a Founding Member of ISPA right now, you can still keep up to date on the Association by registering your interest.

If you have any other questions about ISPA or Founding Memberships please email: