Can hypnotherapy really help to stop smoking?

By 4 August, 2022March 1st, 2023Smoking

Author: Timothy P Carmody 1Carol DuncanJoel A SimonSharon SolkowitzJoy HugginsSharon LeeKevin Delucchi

This randomized controlled trial study was conducted to compare the results of patients who wanted to stop smoking when their therapy was either a combination of counselling therapy and nicotine patches, OR counselling therapy, nicotine patches and hypnotherapy.

286 smokers were involved in this study in San Francisco. Both the controlled and the treatment group had two x 60 minute sessions and received three follow up calls together with 2 months of nicotine patches.

After 6 months, 29% of the group which had received hypnosis treatment were showing they had been able to abstain for 7 days, whilst only 23% of counselling clients were showing the same results,

26% of the clients who had hypnosis, were still no longer smoking 6 months later. 12 months later, within this group 24% of clients were still not smoking compared to 16% for the behavioral group.

The authors quoted conclusion is “It was concluded that hypnosis combined with NP compares favorably with standard behavioral counseling in generating long-term quit rates.”

How do you follow up your clients who seek to stop smoking? and what results are you getting? Do let us know below as we know we have a strong success rate in Australia among our practitioners.

Publication: Nicotine Tob

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