Author: C S Ginandes 1D I Rosenthal

This is another clinical study looking at the results of using hypnosis within a clearly medical setting, with the intention of understanding if hypnosis does n fact make a different to physical healing and health improvements.

If we quote the authors, the intention of the study was to: “determine whether a hypnotic intervention accelerates bodily tissue healing using bone fracture healing as a site-specific test.”

The design of the study was a randomized controlled pilot study involving 12 healthy adult patients who presented to the orthopedic emergency department with bone fractures. They were divided into 2 groups and each received the normal physical care for their injury. The treatment group in addition to this had hypnotic interventions in the form of individual sessions and follow up audiotapes. The hypnotherapy was designed to specifically promote and support fracture healing.

From week 6 onward, those patients who had received hypnotic interventions, were showing a clear difference at their fracture edge and this trend continued through to week 9 after their injury. These patients had better healing, more ankle mobility, greater functional ability to move on uneven and ascending or descending surfaces. They also were using less analgesics.

Publication : The alternative Therapy Health Journal

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