WhISPA’s April edition, 2023

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Jonathan Smith ISPA Acting President

Welcome to the first edition of Wh-ISPA’s for 2023. It’s refreshing to see that we can now freely see each other and have put the pandemic behind us. Let’s hope this continues!

As the newly appointed acting president of ISPA, I am honoured to be working on your behalf alongside the dedicated group of volunteers on the ISPA board. We aim to provide you, our members, with support and educational opportunities to advance your skills and build your practices.

Over the past few months, ISPA has grown significantly in terms of membership and the opportunities we offer. Although we have experienced some growing pains as a new organisation, we have resolved many of them and are working to address the remaining issues.

Our focus is currently on these key areas:

  1. We aim to improve the user experience of our member hub, which we believe is a powerful tool that, once fully utilized, will streamline all of the necessary compliance work for you.
  2. We aim to raise the profile of Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy as one of the few Strategic associations in the world.
  3. We will continue to offer high-quality, great-value workshops. We have already had success with workshops such as working with kids and tweens, IBS, and navigating the NDIS. Michael Yapko’s master class was also well-received. Our next workshop on the 1st of May is about getting more clients, and the next scheduled presentation is one of the Milton Erickson Foundation’s key presenters from Philadelphia.
  4. Finalising our arrangement with CBHS to provide benefits to our members. This is provisionally approved for hypnotherapy. At this stage, we are compiling the data regarding our members in a usable format for them.

Our monthly free CPD event, “Breakfast and Brains”, continues to be popular. We understand that Friday morning time doesn’t work for everyone. We will start a similar monthly event in the evening on the first Tuesday of each month. Please watch this space for more details.

If there is something you want to see in particular, please let us know. Your feedback is important to us. Someone wise once said, we want to meet you at your Bus Stop!!!

This newsletter will now be sent monthly to ensure we stay connected. Thank you for your ongoing support and input, and I look forward to catching up with you regularly moving forward. Our success is your success.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Smith

Acting ISPA President

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